Monday, May 21, 2012


No one gave me the heads up that Seattle was nothing but a bunch of hills... I wasn't prepared. Chad and I normally just take local transit here and there but the hills were exhausting.  We walked a good three or four miles during the day and then at night we would drive park and walk.

We stayed in a Holiday Day Inn Express that was the perfect location for the Space Needle (see photo below from our room) and then to a local eatery that was da' bomb-best place ever.  Serious Biscuit.  We were able to walk to Pikes Place Market, see the cruise ships, and do some shopping.

I really wanted to buy flowers at the market but was afraid that I would cry when I had to leave them at the hotel the next day so I bought some potato's and brought those home instead.  They were scrump.

I liked Seattle.  It was really quirky and had alot to offer.  The driving was bad and the walking was hard.  Definitely not as easy to walk as other cities that I have visited.

Would I go back?  Yes.  Would I rent a car?  Nah. Would I stay at the Holiday Inn Express again?  Totally.  Would I stay longer and shop nothing but local?  All day long.

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