Sunday, May 6, 2012

Saturday finds.

It is official.  Summer is here.  Everything is winding down for the year so now the yard sales and street markets are in full swing.  Yesterday I was able to go to 2 markets and a baseball game.  Best Saturday ever?  Close.

The "Worlds largest yard sale" was this weekend here in Loveland.  Of course I wasn't going to miss it.  I was able to buy a couple of new Ball Jars and some day lilies a couple of women had separated from their plants in their gardens.

Stacey bought this fun little bear and a kitty painting for her house.
After that Chad and I drove down to Denver to meet his brother at SEC night Rockies vs the Braves.  I was able to convince him to drive me to "A Paris Street Market" in Littleton before the game... Ummm it was the best thing since sliced bread Starbucks.

No joke I was almost teary eyes when we had to leave.

I didn't buy these things because I had already spent all of my allowance that morning... I never guessed I would love the market as much as I did.  We  were 5 hours late... imagine what might have been there first thing in the morning when it opened.... Whoa.

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